Are you considering buying the Parker enforcer crossbow?

But are you worried if it’s worth your money or not?

Well, you’ve come to the right page. In order to help you make a choice, we have reviewed the model in detail. All the features, accessories, strengths and weaknesses of the unit have been covered in this review.

Though parker does not fall among the list of the most widely known crossbow manufacturers out there. It still has a good reputation due to its high quality and excellent durability of the products.

Another thing that sets it apart from a lot of manufacturers is the lift time warranty that is provided with its products.

So, a top-notch quality, a lifetime warranty, and efficient features are what you can expect from this crossbow.

Parker Enforcer Crossbow

The Parker Enforcer is loved by so many people because this unit offers many high-end features at a very affordable price. This crossbow is very accurate and lightweight.

This crossbow main feature is “split limb technology”, which means that each limb consists of 2 limbs. This feature not only improves the efficiency of the unit but it also adds to its looks.

With a speed of 315 fps, you can expect to shoot arrows at a much better speed than the last model. Thanks to its symmetrical design, if your shooting technique is correct you will be getting perfect bolt groupings.

The unit measures 33.8 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches. As compared to other crossbows, this unit is quite narrower. Once the spring is completely cocked, it becomes even more compact. The unit measures 18 inches from axle to axle when cocked.

Weighing only 7 pounds this unit is very lightweight. The weight increases to a maximum of 8 pounds when the accessories included are attached.

The best thing about having a lightweight crossbow is that it lets you hunt for hours without getting tired. Heavier crossbows, on the other hand, are likely to strain the arms and hands of the hunter, due to which he/she will need to rest every now and then.

The unit has a draw weight of 160 draws and you will most likely require a rope cocking aid for a smoother draw.

However, it can also be drawn by hand but it’s still better if you use a rope cocking aid. Since this is not included in the package, you will need to purchase it separately.

The scope that comes with this unit is water and fog proof and it comes will all the accessories that are needed for mounting. The scope has good quality optics that work better than a lot of other models that one will be able to find in this budget range. Hence, you can go hunting in foggy/rainy weather without worry.

Other than this, the crossbow is very comfortable to grip due to a thoughtfully designed pistol grip. The grip helps make the model more efficient in shooting bolts more precisely. Also, the foregrip is ventilated to ensure that the finger of the hunter does not get injured while firing. This also helps to improve the grip.

The anti-shock and anti-vibration systems are among the best features that this unit has to offer. These work like suppressors for your crossbow. These features help make this unit noiseless.

Also, since there won’t be any vibration while shooting, your prey won’t really notice you nearby. Other than this, the trigger system that you will be getting in this model is also very impressive considering the price of the unit. The trigger helps the user to fire easily and effortlessly. This not only helps keep the crossbow safe but also works as a safety feature for the user.

Other than this the model features other safety features as well. The safety gets engaged as soon as the string is cocked. The safety needs to be released manually in order to fire.

Regardless of whether you are going moose hunting or elk hunting. You can expect this unit to handle both, small game and big game perfectly. The shooting speed of this unit is fast, which implies that once the bolt is shot, the prey won’t have enough time to get away. Since the unit is accurate, the bolt will hit right at the target.


As long as you are the original owner of the crossbow, the warranty of the unit will last you for a lifetime. However, the warranty does not cover bolts and springs. Also, if you decide to sell the unit, the warranty won’t be transferred.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that in order to use the warranty, the warranty card needs to be filled within the fifteen days of purchasing the unit.

Safety And Design

The unit is very safe to use, which makes it a great choice for beginners, women, and kids as well. There are several safety features that are very reliable. Few of them include the following:

  • A vented foregrip. This not only improves accuracy but also enhances the stableness of the grip.
  • Very well balanced and lightweight which is an essential feature when it comes to a compound crossbow.
  • Features a pistol-style grip. This ensures that you don’t miss any shot due to your hand slipping off the unit. This also further improves the grip of the unit.
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Comes with an anti dry fire mechanism

Pros & Cons of Parker Enforcer Crossbow

  • It is suitable for any type of hunting game
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with an instruction manual
  • The pistol-style grip makes it very easy to handle the crossbow
  • It is very light weight and allows noiseless shooting
  • It comes with all necessary accessories
  • The accuracy of this unit can be compared to a more expensive bows
  • It comes with a vented forearm
  • Bolts are not included in the package

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What accessories does this crossbow come with?

The Parker enforcer comes with some pretty amazing features that include the following:

  • 4x multi-reticle scope
  • Instruction manual
  • A quick-detach quiver
  • Assembly bolts and appropriate hex keys
  • 4, 20″ inch, 400-grain bolts with field points
  • (prod, stock, foot stirrup, string, cables, cams)

The scope that this unit comes pre-assembled on the side rail. The scopes of the brand are laser sighted before they are shipped. This means the scope can be used as soon as you get the crossbow. Though you might to make a few adjustments, it will still be quite precise from the start.

To cover different distance ranges, the scope features 3 reticles and has 4x magnification. The bottom reticle is for 60 yards, the middle one is for 40 yards, whereas the top one is for 20 yards.

Furthermore, the model also comes with a very helpful quick detach quiver that is very lightweight. When the quiver is attached the total weight of the model is only 8 pounds.

Furthermore, you will also find four 20 inch bots in the package. Due to safety reasons, keep in mind to use only 20-inch bolts with this model. With field points, each bolt is 400 grain. These have been manufactured using carbon.

Other than this, the package comes with an instruction manual. The instruction manual is very easy to read and makes the whole assembling process quite easier for beginners.


How Easy Is It To Assemble?

If you purchase the unit from an online website, then it will be delivered to you unassembled.  The string suppressor system and the arms come pre-assembled which is quite helpful as you won’t have to visit a shop to get it strung. It can be assembled by you easily.

Overall, the assembly of this unit is quite easy.

Firstly, the package comes with an instruction manual. Secondly, if you still find it difficult to assemble the unit you can access online videos.

All you will be needing is a standard-sized Allen wrench set which does not come in the package. Other than this, all the things needed come with the crossbow. Typically, it takes less than half an hour to assemble the unit.

Hunting Experience

What is it like to hunt with this unit?

This crossbow will be your best friend on your hunting trip.

Thanks to its lightweight, one can easily carry it from one place to another. You can easily hunt with it for an hour without straining your arms.

Also, this unit is very powerful and precise. The scope that comes along with the crossbow makes the whole hunting task much more fun and easier. It is highly accurate and will help you shoot your shot from long distances.

The power of this unit is enough to take down big game. You can easily hunt bobcats, deers, and elks as well. Other than this you can also use it to hunt down smaller animals such as groundhogs and rabbits.


How durable is the  Parker Enforcer crossbow?

The Parker enforcer has been made with high-quality materials, that make the unit very sturdy and durable.

The unit does not come with a lot of complicated features that can have a problem or break easily.

The best thing about this unit that, if you do have a problem with the crossbow, or if any component breaks, you’ll still have the lifetime warranty to get it fixed.

Who should consider purchasing a parker enforcer crossbow?

The Parker Enforcer is undoubtedly a super-efficient crossbow that is worth what you are paying. This crossbow will be loved by anyone who is looking for a unit that comes with advanced features such as a good quality scope, effective safety features, and a string suppressor system. All of which comes at an affordable price.

Other than that, this unit is a great option for both novice hunters that are trying to learn the basics of hunting and up their game, as well as experienced hunters who have hunting strategies on their fingertips but are searching for a good crossbow that will do justice to their skills.

Final Verdict on Parker Enforcer

We understand how difficult it is to choose a good crossbow these days.

Why wouldn’t it be?

There are so many brands and different models available in the market that choosing one out of so many becomes quite confusing.

We have covered almost all of the features and details of the Parker enforcer crossbow in this review.

Overall, this crossbow is powerful, reliable and a great bang for the buck. You might want to give this one a try to improve your hunting experience.

We hope this helps you out in making the right choice!

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