Have you tried bowfishing crossbow for an extraordinary adventure?

If never did this, try these crossbows for fishing and enjoy a new experience with these best-sellers units.

For adventurous people who are fond of shooting and fishing at the same time, bowfishing is a popular activity. If you think it is challenging to shoot with a crossbow, you believe probably wrong.

Crossbow market is full of bowfishing crossbow, bowfishing crossbow pistol, and a mini crossbow that surely satisfy you’re shooting and fishing adventure.

Best Bow Fishing Crossbows

In this overview, we analyze and help you to decide which crossbow is an excellent choice for bowfishing and has unique features. Besides, which Brand gives you premium quality against money?

First, let’s discover what we need for crossbow fishing.

1. Anglo Arms 80 lbs Mantis Fishing Crossbow

One of the famous models that you often find in the list of the most reliable and affordable bows in the market is Anglo Arms Mantis fishing crossbow.

It is a high-quality fishing crossbow that offers many professional features for both the serious and the hobby crossbow fisherman.

Outstanding performances of this crossbow will amaze you when you take this wonderfully crafted unit in your hands. The bow has an overall weight of 2.35 pounds, and it is 10 inches wide with the 6-inch power stroke.

An excellent pick for all skill-level shooters comes in resin construction and has a tactical adjustable grip to ease you. The bow can shoot arrows at a maximum speed of 175 feet per second.

Now, have a look at distinct features that gives it a prominent place in the fishing crossbow market. It includes a self-cocking and auto-safety mechanism. Precise and compact pistol crossbow is very safe and easy to use because of the self-cocking feature that makes sure string alignment accurate.

Along with compact designing, the bow has equipped with fiberglass limbs that make it lightweight.

The auto-safety mechanism engages when cocking the bow. This pistol crossbow is lightweight and compact because limbs are made by High-Tech fiberglass, which decreases the weight and makes it compact.

This outstanding –performance archery comes with Mantis fishing crossbow, one 8 lbs reel, one real seat, and one shark heavy fishing bolt with a retractable fishing broad head, 12x two wing fishing bolts, one vertical handle, 3×2 aluminum wing bolts.

If you need any other accessories, you can easily purchase them separately.

Pistol bowfishing crossbow is perfect for all skill-level shooters. Mostly use during kayak fishing or fishing in which archers can cock without the use of a stir up.

This thrilling crossbow for fishing has encumbered features to outstrip each of its competitors for the best value and efficiency in the crossbow market.

Prominent features

Bow Weight (Lb): 2.35

Velocity (FPS): 175

Draw Weight (lb): 80

Width (inches): 10″

  • It is Lightweight.
  • The bow has a compact design and sturdy built.
  • Easy to Handle
  • We didn’t find any

2. Crossbow Angler Bundle

The next excellent choice bowfishing crossbow in our list is  Angler bundle by the brand BOLT Crossbows.

The crossbow Angler bundle is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an archery that is powerful yet easy to handle. This archery has been designed for the novice shooters as well as the most experienced hunters.

The Angler crossbow is crafted for snagging small to medium size fish as well as target shooting.

Outstanding crossbow has a robust body frame, highpoint accurate and surpassing archery functions as its main features. The premium Angler bow is lightweight and capable of draw weight at 80 pounds when shooting.

Enable even the beginners to aim and target with perfection, vulnerability, and effortlessly.   No target stand a chance against Angler bundle electrifying arrow speed traveling with 200 FPS with plastic bolts and 160 FPS with Aluminium bolts.

This outstanding crossbow has geared with fascinating features to take down any game. Metal limbs have an easy cocking lever to cock easily. The adjustable rear sight helps you to look around and automatic safety mechanisms to prevent hazardous dry fires.

Amazing better than others, the wonderfully crafted fishing crossbow comes with a crossbow, front foregrip, 12 fishing arrows, 150 feet of bow fishing line, and a pair of Bolt crossbow nitrile fishing gloves.

The Angler bundle has three aluminum bolts too. Wach arrow covers a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Fishing bolts that come with this bow has a pre-drilled hole that makes it easy to tie with the fishing line. Once you have tied the arrow, cut the desired fishing line length.  After that, tie the opposite end of the fishing line to the front of the crossbow through the small hole in front of the limb.

Affordable and excellent starter bow includes all of the much-needed accessories. This thrilling  Crossbow for the fishing game has a total weight of 2.5 pounds.

It is definitely worth every penny and undoubtedly a Great starter bow for any adventure.

Prominent Features

Bow Weight (Lb): 2.5

Velocity (FPS): 200 with plastic arrows,160 with aluminum arrows

Draw Weight (lb): 80

Width (inches): 10″

  • It has a lightweight and compact design
  • Delivers good power
  • Comes with safety features

Not suitable for people with a large frame

3. HBG Powerful Pro Fishing Slingshot Reel Catapult Archery

Next up in our list is HBG Powerful Pro Fishing crossbow, which is best known for multi-function features, the best of which is the speed.

This unit is an excellent pick for professional bowfishing, outdoor competition, or fitness catapult. This cold unit for exercise arm strength, attention, hunting skill, and eyesight, etc. Since it is multifunctional so it can be used for shooting balls too.

With many robust features, it is available in two colors, which are camo and red.  Excellent survival weapon, which is silent and deadly, is made up of Aluminium and plastic. Intricately design unit is lightweight and has 3.6 pounds of weight and easily fits in your hands and arms.

This wonderfully crafted unit comes with all of the needed accessories. One shooting fish slingshot,  fishing reel,  arrow brush,  fishing reel rack as well as one flashlight comes with the package.

You can use both full-size arrows and shortened arrows as well. Arrow rest is suitable for full-size arrows when you use shortened arrows, and you can take down the arrow rest.

Well-built slingshot is incredible in performance. Made with high- quality and durable material. It can use fishing arrows, hunting arrows, rocks, and metal ammo. It is a cold weapon, so use it with caution.  It comes with two sets of rubber tubing and all hex wrenches.

It is fun to shoot and has the power to boot. It works well with a little work. It is the premium quality against your money.

No manual has provided to help you assemble it, just blow up the online pictures to see how it fits together.

Prominent feature

Bow weight(Lb): 3.6

  • Well-built slingshot
  • Multi-function
  • Comes with needed accessories
  • Rubber bands that come with break very fast.

4. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit

The SAS Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit by Southland Archery Supply is an excellent unit for its price. It undoubtfully deserves its name in the list for best bowfishing crossbows.

The entire package filled with pieces of equipment and pre-strung settings to unpack and take on your hunting adventure.  This thrilling unit has encumbered features to outstripped each of its competitors for the best value and efficiency in the crossbow market.

Not only does this unit have a sturdy build, but it delivers a powerful performance as well. Becoming the best sellers on the market.  The integrated design unit is a compact powerhouse. It is 3.3 pounds in weight.

With fantastic specification as 28″ axle to axle width, it shoots 260 FPs.Its draw length is highly adjustable between  19-29″. The SAS Scorpii Compound bow is high-quality gear specially made with professional shooters in mind. The draw weight is adjustable between 30 and 55 pounds.

This unit has been well-liked by both novices as well as expert hunters.  SAS Scorpii Compound crossbow is the best when it comes to killing the target with accuracy. The maximum speed you can shoot with this archery is 260 feet per second.

The archery includes a 31″ fiberglass arrow with a point, a front-mounting reel with 50 yards of 80 lb test line for reeling in large fish and an arrow rest. You can choose from two colors, which are black and GC camo colors.

The bow comes with Compressed ABS Limbs for long-lasting life. SnapShot arrow rest makes it comfortable to use.

Prominent Features

Bow Weight (Lb): 3.3

Velocity (FPS): 260

Draw Weight (lb): between 30 and 50

Axle to Axle (inches): 28

  • Insanely fast at  260FPS
  • Delivers good power
  • Has a good balance
  • Easy to handle and use
  • no assembly instructions included.

5. HBG New Fishing Slingshot Professional

Another great unit by HBG is New Fishing Slingshot Professional that deserves mention in this list.

Integrated design equipped with robust features and model has been designed for professional hunters.

The wonderfully crafted bow is made up of environmental-friendly material that is Polycarbonate plastic. This compact powerhouse is ultra-light and has only 1.7 pounds in weight.

Professional shooting fish slingshot comes with many excellent features. It is multi-function, and you can use it with steel balls as well as arrows.

Though it is lightweight as compared to other crossbows, it still offers plenty of speed. This unit is super easy to handle and accompanies user manuals that explains how to prepare for shooting.

A distinct feature is a handguard that is designed to give extra safety to your hand. It really saves your wrist several times and pays off. The fishing crossbow works very well.

The New Slingshot Professional kit comes with one shooting a fish slingshot, one fishing reel as well as two of the rubber bands and One arrow brush

You need to purchase other accessories separately you want. Fishing reels have two colors. It comes in red and black, but you can select the color because they are sent randomly.

However, if you are looking for a power pack archery with a distant range target, this bow might not be suitable for you.

Prominent Features

Bow Weight (Lb): 1.7

  • Unit is Multi-function
  • It is super-light
  • Made with an environmental-friendly polycarbonate plastic
  • Not comes with accessories but you can purchase separately

6. AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Bowfishing Kit

Now the last unit which has distinct features is AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Bowfishing Kit. If you already have a crossbow, then it may be the best option to purchase this unit. The manufacturer of this crossbow is well-known for intricately design crossbow fishing equipment.

This unit has a good reputation because of its convenient qualities, secure handling, and safety features.

The AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Crossbow Kit supplies you with accessories you need to turn your hunting crossbow to a bowfishing machine. The kit includes an AMS Retriever Pro bottle reel with a 200 lb braided Dacron line.

Three AX503 Chaos FX solid fiberglass bowfishing bolts (24″ long, 22/64″ diameter) provided with this unit.

You can be sure this kit will not let you down while shooting.  Made in the U.S.A bow comes with one M109 Sleek-X machined aluminum two-piece crossbow mount that attaches to your crossbow’s quiver holes.

If your crossbow equipped with a Picatinny rail system, you will also need the M109-PCT Pic Rail Adapter.

Our all-around points are featuring short, narrow barbs that require minimal penetration to engage. The package also has an instructional DVD, “Between the Banks,” to explain everything.

The best way to rig your crossbow for bowfishing is with the AMS Retriever Pro Crossbow Kit. It’s got everything you need.

Prominent Features

  • High-quality items
  • Extra DVD
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for most crossbows
  • Mount a bit too flexible

My Personal Recommendation

After reviewing and analyzing the features, quality, and performance of our selected top six fishing crossbow, you can pick the best-fit fishing crossbow for you.

The editor’s choice is Anglo Arms 80 lbs Mantis Fishing Crossbow.  Mantis is intricately design, reliable, and a sturdy crossbow from Anglo Arms. An excellent pick for all skill-level shooters comes at a decent price tag. With outstanding features and high-quality performance, give it a prominent place in the market.

All of the accessories you might need for adventure are included in the price, so we think this model is worth checking out!

Other Facts To Consider While Buying A Bowfishing Crossbow – Buying Guide

Here are some on-the-go facts that a shooter must keep in mind to get premium quality for their money.


When you are planning to buy a fishing crossbow first, you need to think about a budget. In the market, a variety of crossbows are available with accessories at a reasonable price.

If you can diverse value ranges, then you can find various types of components and quality. So you’ll need to test whatever model you will be choosing.

Reputation Of Brand

Before landing, the store must do some homework and check different fishing units on the internet. When going to purchase, ask the sales rep about quality, various models, and accessories.

Don’t hesitate to ask about warranty; makers return rate, client assistance, and reviews of past clients to make sure that you invest in a perfect pick.

Safety And Balance

As we all know that safety comes first, and you should not compromise on safety. Make sure that your selected a unit that has distinct safety features.

Pay keen attention to the balance of the crossbow. Try and testing different weapons in the market and finding their balance point according to your size and weight.

Crossbow Fishing Accessories And Equipment

Either you are a novice or experienced shooter, you have to need all essential set up before you start bow fishing. Mostly crossbow fishing kits come with accessories you need. First, the most important element is crossbow fishing bolts or arrows. For accurate aim, they are usually prepared with Aluminium.  Due to lightweight and durability, Aluminium is a perfect choice for crossbow fishing arrows. But some crossbow comes with plastic bolts too. Bowfishing arrows should have the capacity to penetrate in water and target the fish easily.

The next important supply you need for crossbow fishing is a high-performance bow fishing reel and a crossbow mount. Usually, it comes with a bow fishing crossbow, but if it is not included in your package. You can easily purchase it on Amazon, on the Brand’s official website, or the nearest water sports store.

Always buy high-quality, durable, and reputable fishing equipment because wasting money on cheap product waste your time and energy.

What Kind Of Crossbow For Fishing?

In bow fishing adventure, specially modified archery pieces of equipment are used for best shooting results. Mostly crossbow fishing kits are made by lightweight and endurable material. High-quality fishing crossbow and arrows are usually made with aluminum metal, which is not much dense and durable.

Arrows used for crossbow fishing are stronger and heavier than used in other kinds of crossbows. Bolt heads are barbed designed to keep a better grip on any fish caught.

For bowfishing activities, shooting and retrieving fish shooter used specially designed arrows attached to a fishing line to a reel that has kept on the boat.

So, let’s start and have a look over the top six leading and prominent brands of best bowfishing crossbows.


In conclusion, we can say shooting in water with the crossbow is fun.  Choose the best one and enjoy a new experience. An excellent bow has an accurate aim, sturdy built, and high-end features. When purchasing a bow make sure to remember key points in mind.

Stay bowfishing with our excellent picks and enjoy a new experience.