Shuffling through different pages to find the fastest crossbow?

Well, we’ve got you covered. There’s no doubt that every hunter wants the best unit when it comes to choosing their crossbow.

After all, that’s basically what the entire game depends on.

Best Fastest Crossbows

Crossbow NameDetails 
Scorpyd Aculeus
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 7.5
  • Velocity (FPS): 460
  • Draw Weight (lb): 180
TenPoint Nitro
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 7.6
  • Velocity (FPS): 440
  • Draw Weight (lb): 200
Ravin R20
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 7.8
  • Velocity (FPS): 430
  • Draw Weight (lb): 220
Barnett Predator
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 7.6
  • Velocity (FPS): 430
  • Draw Weight (lb): 187
Barnett Ghost 420
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 14.7
  • Velocity (FPS): 420
  • Draw Weight (lb): 185
TenPoint Stealth
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 12.2
  • Velocity (FPS): 410
  • Draw Weight (lb): 220
CenterPoint Gladiator
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 6.4
  • Velocity (FPS): 405
  • Draw Weight (lb): 200
Barnett Whitetail
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 6.9
  • Velocity (FPS): 400
  • Draw Weight (lb): 165
Barnett BC
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 8.4
  • Velocity (FPS): 400
  • Draw Weight (lb): 145
Excalibur Matrix
  • Bow Weight(Lb): 6.2
  • Velocity (FPS): 400
  • Draw Weight (lb): 280

Every user wants to make sure that their crossbow won’t disappoint them when they need it the most. You can find all sorts of crossbows here, Whether you are looking for reverse draw crossbow, compound crossbow or a recurve crossbow.

We have reviewed the fastest crossbows available in the market these days. Along with striking speed, we have also kept the quality and the performance of these crossbows in mind before choosing the world’s fastest crossbows.

Read down below to find out more.

1. Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS ACUdraw

Scorpyd AculeusIf you are someone who is into hunting, then you probably might have heard of the Scorpyd Aculeus crossbow. This unit offers a number of amazing features to its users, the best of which is speed.

Looking at similarly priced units in the market, this one is much quicker. It is the highest fps crossbow on our list.

Users absolutely love the versatility and the quality of this crossbow. This unit has been equipped with the most astounding features that people seldom find in other crossbows. Thought this unit is a little on the expensive side, but what you are getting is basically worth the price.

This unit features an adjustable trigger, which is not a common feature in other units. This was no simple accomplishment as it took engineers five years of cautious and purposeful upgrades to make it such an exceptional crossbow. This feature operates so smoothly, that it is often compared to shooting a rifle.

Another thing that this unit is so popular for is the level of accurateness it offers. Also, it does not make any noise or vibration while shooting bows. This is quite important as every hunter aims to be as quiet as possible when near their prey.

The unit features string stops to dampen the sound. The string stops are paired with the bow to make sure that no vibration is produced until you shoot your bow. The bodyweight of this unit is 7.5 lbs and it has a draw weight of 180 lbs.

This is one of the world’s fastest crossbow at 460 FPS, which is extraordinary. At this speed, users can easily score both small game and big game easily. It is one of the fastest crossbows on the market. To sum it all up, this unit is a reverse draw model, which means that it is very much adjusted, which makes it feel much lighter than it actually is.

Overall, this unit is undoubtedly one of the most powerful crossbows. It comes with outstanding features.

  • It is the fastest unit on the list
  • It functions very silently
  • It is very easy to use and maintain
  • It is expensive

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2. TenPoint Nitro X 440FPS

Tenpoint Nitro XThe next unit on our list is Tenpoint Nitro X which is an all-rounder crossbow. This unit is loved by users as it does a great job at everything it has been made to do. It delivers what it promises. Also, the speed of this unit has made it quite a catch in the market.

The width of this unit is only 7 inches when completely positioned, and it has an amazing speed of 440 FPS. Hunters can easily catch their prey before it gets away with such a fast speed.

The crossbow is made for precision and flawlessness. Not only does this crossbow look mean and excel in power but the advanced features it comes with will place you ahead of your rivals.

This unit should be on the top of your list if you are looking for something that is powerful and lightweight. It comes with features that will astound you with the results you will get when you use it for hunting any game.

Another great thing about this unit is that it has its own noise dampening system. This does not make the unit 100% quiet but it does lower the noise and the vibration to a great extent. This feature can be very helpful for hunters.

The unit has a sturdy body as its components have been made using high-quality materials only. It is a powerful crossbow with a durable body. Also, this unit has a very attractive design that goes with almost any taste.

However, one thing that hunters should know is that this unit comes at a hefty price. Though this unit is worth every penny, the fact that it is so costly is not easy to digest unless you’re a seasoned hunter with some money to spare.

Overall, this crossbow powerful, reliable, and durable. It is worth the money and is a decent unit to have.

  • It is very fast
  • The reverse draw design makes the unit quite balanced
  • The narrow design offers versatility
  • It is quite expensive

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3. Ravin R20 430FPS

ravin r20 sniper crossbowNext up on the list is the Ravin R20. This 430 fps crossbow is not only known for its deadly features but also a performance that would impress all users.

When positioned this unit measures 6 inches wide and a little more than 10 inches wide when un-positioned. It has a sleek design that is anything but difficult to sneak through bushes while hunting.

Not only does this unit have powerful looks but its performance is super powerful as well. This crossbow is bound to make a strong impression on people as soon as they set their eyes on it. You will never consider going back to a slow crossbow after you shoot a fast crossbow like this one.

Furthermore, this model comes with a bundle with amazing accessories that users appreciate. What’s even better is that users don’t need to look for extra components/accessories that fit with this crossbow as everything is in the case.

Now, let’s talk about speed. As mentioned above this unit has a speed of 430 FPS, which again is absolutely great for both intermediate, as well as experienced hunters. Also, this unit comes with HeliCoil technology which makes it all the more reliable and well balanced in the field.

Lastly, this unit comes with an illuminated pro scope, mounting brackets, and six pre-tuned bolts. All of this is very convenient, with so many accessories already at hand, you will be ready to shoot as soon as you unbox this crossbow.

Overall, this unit is one of the best units that you can get for yourself.

  • It is very portable
  • It is easy to manage and maintain
  • It has a very sleek and attractive design
  • This model is expensive

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4. Barnett Predator

BARNETT Predator CrossbowTwo of the most important features of a crossbow are its weight and balance. When it comes to this unit, these two factors make this model.

This unit has a very reliable and durable build. Each component of this unit has been made using high-quality materials.

The unit weighs 7.6 pounds and measures 33 x 13 x 7 inches and. It is quite lightweight and comfortable to hold. Hunters can easily spend the whole day hunting without getting tired. Also, it has the right balance to it.

It is very easy to set this unit up. It barely takes 20 minutes to assemble the unit. Moreover, this unit has excellent power and accuracy. With a speed of 430 FPS, hunters can expect this unit to deliver outstanding performance in the field.

It has a draw weight of 187 lbs which makes the cocking process quite easy as well. The unit has a very attractive design. It has a deadly look to it which makes it look like a complete beast. Its lightweight makes it very portable. Users can easily it from one place to another.

Overall, this model is fast, powerful, and very accurate. It is a great choice for both novice hunters and experienced hunters.

  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It has an attractive device
  • It is easy to manage and clean
  • Cocking the bow can be a little difficult

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5. Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant

Barnett Ghost 420Another great unit that delivers what it advertises is the Barnett Ghost 420.  This unit has been quite the deal for the past few years, mainly because of its power and precision level.

Both of these factors make it a great choice for both, beginners and experienced hunters.

The Barnett Ghost has a speed of 420 FPS, which makes it fall in the category of the fastest crossbows available in the market. To top off this, the unit features an energy boost of 149 lbs, which makes it so powerful.

The model features Revenant houses Carbon lite Riser Technology. This feature is known to provide proper balance on shoulders which keeps the users safe from shoulder and arm fatigue. Other than this, the model features an aluminum flight track.

The overall performance of the unit is further improved with the help of the rail and cable system that it comes with. Also, a great thing about this unit is that you are not required to spend on unnecessary upgrades on this unit.

With a power stroke of 15.37, this unit is unlike any of its competitors. The unit accompanies a bundle of high-quality accessories that improves the overall performance of the unit. Also, it has some safety features that ensure that users don’t get injured while shooting

The unit comes with 2 arrows, a side-mounted quiver and a rope cocking device. Moreover, the bundle also consists of a rubber butt pad extender, an illuminated scope, carbon bolts sized at 2 by 22 inches, and a very useful padded sling.

Overall, this unit delivers a great performance. It is super durable and powerful. It is a great choice for both novice hunters and experienced hunters.

  • It comes with a number of useful accessories
  • It has a high-quality build
  • It is one of the fastest units on the list
  • It is expensive

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6. TenPoint Stealth NXT

TenPoint StealthThe TenPoint Stealth NXT crossbow is a crossbow that is popular for maximum accuracy, incredible speed, and sleek design.

This the sort of crossbow that every hunter would want in his collection, or even as the only weapon they use for hunting.

Almost everyone who has used this unit has got good things to say about it. This unit offers high-quality craftsmanship and this should not be something surprising since TenPoint has always been famous for manufacturing high-quality equipment.

This unit has a very sleek body. Also, it weighs only 7.3 pounds which makes it super lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a very compact design hence you don’t need to worry about carrying it through the bushes while hunting.

This unit features high-quality material and some jaw-dropping technology. As far as the speed and the power is concerned, hunter need not to worry as they can easily win any game. This unit is capable of sending arrows flying at a speed of 410 FPS.

It has a draw weight of 220 FPS which many users might find as a downside. However, there’s nothing to worry about as this model features exceptional AcuDraw technology. This technology is basic and advanced rope cocking mechanism that cuts the draw weight in half.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with the Rangemaster PRO scope which further increases the precision level of the unit. Users can easily hunt down their prey while being several yards away.

Overall, this unit comes with a sophisticated design and some really cool technology. With so much to offer, this unit is definitely something that every hunter should get his hands on.

  • The AcuDraw technology helps manage the draw weight
  • It is very fast and accurate
  • It comes with a lot of accessories
  • It has an expensive price tag

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7. CenterPoint Gladiator

CenterPoint GladiatorIf you are searching for a crossbow that is powerful and reliable, then the CenterPoint AXCG200CK2 Gladiator is a great choice for you. This unit certainly deserves the name “gladiator”.

Especially because it performs like a veritable workhorse out in the field.

A lot of users have been impressed by the performance of this model and hence it is one of the most recommended units by Centrepoint.

The model has an excellent overall build. The quad limbs of this unit come with CNC machined cams, that allows this unit to fire shots at the speed of 405 FPS.

The unit has a draw weight of 200 lbs, which might not be suitable for everyone, but as long as you have a rope cocking device, it can be managed easily. Also, the unit comes with a rope cocking device so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate one.

Moving on, this unit features aluminum rails that help to cut down the overall 7.9 lbs weight of the unit. The unit has an AR-style stock that ensures a stable and comfortable grip for the users. This helps hunters to take down large and tough prey easily.

This unit is very comfortable to use. Users won’t experience any sort of strain in their arm or shoulder after using this tough boy the whole day. Also, this unit comes with an anti-dry fire system that stops the unit from firing prematurely. It also has an auto-safety trigger design that keeps your fingers safe.

The unit comes with a 4x32mm illuminated scope that helps hunters to spot, aim, and shoot their targets from a distance. Lastly, this unit is as quiet as a crossbow can be, thanks to the noise dampening system and the vibration suppressor that this unit is equipped with.

  • It is sturdy and reliable
  • It comes with some good safety features
  • It comes with a noise-dampening system
  • It has a heavy draw weight

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8. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR

barnett whitetail hunterThe Barnett Whitetail Pro STR is yet another great pick from the Whitetail series. This unit has been furnished with the best details that one can get on a crossbow. The stong features of this unit increase its overall credibility.

This unit is a 400 FPs crossbow, hence it’s not to be taken lightly. It has a draw weight of 165 lbs which makes it quite a powerful yet easy to use the unit. One of the best things about this unit is that it is very balanced, which makes it so easy and comfortable to use.

The unit has a weight of 6.9 pounds and the weight is shifted from the riser to the stock which helps to increase the overall stability while firing with this model. This also has a positive overall impact on the accuracy of the unit.

Other than this, the model features a  TRUBark HD camo pattern that helps hunters to blend in with their surroundings while hunting. Your prey will barely notice you while you are getting close to it. This counts as a major factor in successful games.

You must’ve realized by now that his unit has a lot to offer. This unit is very straightforward and easy to use. The arrow system that this unit feature is a major plus point. It contains a self-adjusting bristle system which makes sure that the arrows don’t drift away while shooting the shot.

  • It has a superb build quality
  • It does not make a lot of noise while shooting
  • It is fast and accurate
  • The cocking device is a little difficult to use

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9. Barnett BC Revengeance

Barnett BCRevengeance is a model that is the best choice for hunters that are looking for a unit that can undergo a lot of wear and tear. This is one of the reasons this unit weights more than the others.

However, heavy crossbows come with some certain upsides to them.

This unit has been constructed using stainless steel, which implies that fog and rain are not an issue for this model. Though users might put I a little extra strength while carrying this around, it won’t rust or corrode under any weather condition.

One of the best things about this unit is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. This is quite impressive as users won’t need to worry about throwing the unit away it gets damaged.

The makers have equipped this unit to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the unit.

Another great thing about this unit is that it is very balanced.  Most of the units tend to be heavy on the front, however, the center of gravity of this model is in the middle. This improves the overall stability of the unit.

Also, the balanced is father improved with the help of reversed draw technology.

All of these features allow a user to shoot precise shots. Other than this, the unit comes with some great accessories which include an illuminated 4×32 illuminated scope that helps hunters hunt their prey down in foggy and rainy weather as well

Lastly, this unit has a draw weight of 145 lbs, which makes it very powerful. The package includes a rope cocking device that helps users to cock the device easily.

Overall, this unit works great for the more experienced hunters. It is deadly and accurate and everything that a hunter would want in a crossbow.

  • The string dampeners work quiet well at canceling noise
  • It is fast and powerful
  • It comes with high-quality accessories
  • It is a heavy crossbow

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10. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog

Matrix Bulldog 330The last unit on our list for the fastest crossbows is the Excalibur matrix bulldog crossbow. This unit is as powerful and deadly as it sounds.

This unit is a lethal combination of optimal performance, raw power, and excellent speed.

With a speed of 400 FPs, this unit has been named as a bow the bone crusher by Excalibur because this model is deadly enough to break bones of every small game and big game out there.

It has a draw weight of 280 lbs, which is quite manageable with a rope cocking device.

This unit only weighs 6.2 pounds and hence is super lightweight. However, since it is a recurve design crossbow, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The unit has a simple yet sophisticated design that features twin Matrix PowerLoad limbs with Dynaflight string and cable system

Other than this the features a pistol grip, butt plate, ergo grip stock, and stock piece. The pistol grip and foregrip include rubber lining to ensure easy and comfortable shooting. Also, the unit features Anti-Dry-Fire scope mount to prevent dry firing.

Moreover, the unit has been made using high-quality materials. It has been built to last and with a little care, this unit can be by your side for the years to come. You won’t need to replace or upgrade the components of this unit every now and then.

This model comes with some very useful accessories that include a 4-arrow quiver, a rope cocking device, a high-quality Twilight DLX scope, 4 150-grain field points, and 4 Diablo arrows. The bow is blisteringly fast and deadly powerful.

Lastly, this model comes with R.E.D.S. suppressors which ensure that the unit does not make noise while firing. This again can be super useful for hunters as it allows them to catch their prey more easily.

Overall, this unit is a great crossbow that delivers the performance that it promises. It is accurate, fast, and comes with some amazing accessories.

  • It is very quiet
  • It comes with some attractive features and accessories
  • It comes with useful safety features
  • It has a heavy draw weight

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Conclusion: Which crossbow should you choose?

Though all of the units that are reviewed above offer great features and performance, there are still some that are faster and deadlier than the others. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference.

However, if you’re still a little confused about making a choice then we would like to recommend the Scorpyd Aculeus crossbow. This unit is the fastest crossbow on the list. It not only excels in the speed department but it is great at everything else as well.

This includes sturdiness, power, durability, precision, and ease of use.

We hope this review helped you.